The Regent

Roy Whalen was twenty-six, a popular high school history teacher, and head coach for the varsity football team. He was happy. Then Whalen won the lottery.

Five years later finds Whalen standing on the railing of the Golden Gate Bridge, ready to step off into eternity.

An apparition of King Arthur appears and commands Whalen to halt. The King charges him to make right what is wrong by confronting evil, to be a knight errant, and Arthur’s Regent in the land.

Using his wealth, brains, and brawn, Whalen sets forth to do just that.

It doesn’t take long for Whalen to find himself fighting for his life against a ruthless corporation, outlaw growers in the Emerald Triangle, and the Yakuza.

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Spring 2020

Fat Chance: A Russian Love Story

August Chance is a private investigator, now 62 and overweight, he still hates the nickname once given him years ago by a resentful reporter. - "Fat Chance" that reporter and all of San Francisco learned then that Gus Chance will do whatever it takes to solve a case. Gus isn't slowing down now as the Russian Mafia - "The Bratva" is about to learn.

Summer 2020

Lawyers, Guns, and Money - A Regent Novel

Roy Whalen was just riding through.... and the citizens of Harrison, Arkansas will soon wish they'd let him.