Thomas M. Bryan


Thomas M. Bryan was born in Oakland, California and grew up in Fremont, CA. Every summer the family would pull a trailer cross country taking various side adventures on their way to and return from Marshall, Arkansas where the family owned over 100 acres in the Ozarks on Bryan Mountain.

Tom is the descendant of a long line of Ozark Mountain storytellers. That tradition of oral storytelling was personified by Tom’s father, Roy. Some of Tom’s earliest and fondest memories are of his father capturing the attention of everyone in the room by telling a tale of his own adventures.

Tom learned early on how to tell a tale and entertain an audience. While participating in many storytelling competitions over the years Tom turned most of his creative attention to writing screenplays (several have been optioned and produced) and television commercials. “They’re a story in 30 seconds, a story of why!” That is the approach Tom has taken in writing over 100 commercials in the last 15 years. Tom has injected humor and adventure into why you should shop with one of his clients.

Now Tom has turned his attention to writing action/detective novels. 

Louis L’Amour is one of Tom’s favorite authors and while Tom isn’t writing westerns he does take a page from L’Amour’s attention to detail and the fact that L’Amour actually visited all the locations mentioned in his books. Tom has been to every California location mentioned in his writing. 

And like his father before him, Tom also uses events from his life as the foundation for where his fictional novels begin. Like Roy Whalen, the protagonist of “The Regent” and lovingly sharing a first name with Tom’s father, Tom himself was a high school teacher. Tom also shares Roy’s passion for motorcycles having owned three Norton Commando’s and three Harley Davidsons, including the 1990 Fatboy Tom still rides today. Tom has never won a large lottery payout but he did own a three-foot crescent wrench that he thought would make a great “basher” - something Roy Whalen proves to be true.

If you like action then you can’t go wrong with “The Regent.” by Thomas M. Bryan